About Me

Why a food blog?

Welcome to my food blog and thanks for visting! I decided to start this food blog because I felt it was time for me to start documenting my cooking peaks and valleys. I love food (probably too much!) and I enjoy feeding my friends and family delicious meals. It's since evolved into a place to not only share what I'm cooking, but  note worthy restaurants I enjoy both locally here in Michigan and throughout my travels.

I hope that my blog brings inspiration and motivation for others to start cooking!  I read many food blogs that have awesome photography.  That has inspired me to work toward having a blog with gorgeous pictures that are just as beautiful as how the food taste.  Food photography is now on my list of things to learn!  Be patient with my photography...I have a steep learning curve! :-) 

While some of the items I review may be provided to me from various companies, all thoughts and opinions are my own and brutally honest. If a product has been provided to me for reviewing purposes, a disclaimer is noted in the review post. For items purchased by me, there isn't a disclaimer.

Thank you,

Mini Bio: I’m a 30 something, suburbanite, living in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. I’m married with two adult step-daughters. By day, I work a full-time non-creative job. By night, I’m a content creator; blogger, vlogger, and podcaster. I enjoy all things decadent; books, food, wine, cute jewelry, the perfect Cosmo and last but not least, travel!! I’m a self proclaimed Foodie, Book Addict and World Traveler. Founder of the Great Lakes Book Blogger Alliance.

Book Blog: http://www.shelfaddiction.com/
Food Blog: http://truefoodieatheart.blogger.com/
Lifestyle Blog: http://alavishlife.blogspot.com/