Brunch at Cafe Muse in Royal Oak, MI

I love this place. I've been here several times, but have yet to write a review. Today's the day. This past weekend I went for brunch and the food was great per usual. It's a small, cute place right in downtown Royal Oak. Parking can be a bit of a task, so I recommend using a parking structure and walk over.

There was a bit of a wait, but I expected no less. They are always busy as they are a pretty popular spot in the area. We were party of 2 at 1pm and there was a wait of about half hour. Not a big deal, but if you are worried about time, make a reservation. They close at 3pm on Sundays, it seemed like the crowd was winding down around 2pm or so.

Promptly after taking seat we ordered drinks and I tried the pumpkin spice latte. Very good. All I've got to say is watch out Starbucks. These small places know how to make a latte!

They have a small but substantial menu from savory to sweet options. I decided to go with the savory route and have steak and eggs. I must admit I was surprised my the small amount of thinly cut beef tips, but it was more than enough. The eggs were plentiful, I couldn't even finish them.  I was satisfied.  I paired it with the ever popular seafood cheese grits. Now those were just amazing. I would get those every time I go to brunch at Cafe Muse.

Last summer I went to a wine and dinner pairing at Cafe Muse and that was just awesome.  If you're in the area, this is a place you need to take time to visit. Both dinner and brunch are great options.


  1. YUM! These photos look great! Does Cafe Muse offer many vegetarian options? I am always looking for a new brunch spot! Do they have a bar? On Saturday and Sunday I like to have booze with my brunch! He He. Cheers!

    1. Hey Lacie - Yes, they do have a few vegetarian options, not many, but a few. You could also modify anything with a protein to without. They also have a full bar, so you should be all set. :-)

  2. YUM! I am always looking for a new brunch spot! Does Cafe Muse carry many vegetarian options? Do they have a bar? Nothing is better than a spicy bloody Mary with brunch on the weekend! Cheers!

  3. I don't live in the area so I haven't had the opportunity to try this restaurant. The pictures look wonderful and it sounds like you had a very positive experience. I will definitely add it to places to try next time I'm in the area.

  4. I LOVE Muse. I think I have been there about 4 times now. It's always wonderful.

  5. I still need to try their Oprah-famous grilled cheese. I've been once or twice and it was good, as I recall.


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