Bethenny Frankel's Skinny Girl Margarita

After watching Bethenny talk about this Skinny Girl Margarita week after week on her Bravo reality show I really wanted to see what all the hype was about. Turns out this stuff is hard to find in Michigan. It isn’t in the regular grocery stores or liquor stores. I got it from a store called Plum Market in West Bloomfield Township. Plum Market is high end (aka expensive) store that sells specialty items and foods that are natural, organic, and local. It was pretty pricey for a bottle that isn’t very big. This bottle retails for $16, I got it for $12.86 plus tax.   Actually come to find out, a few days after I purchased it, I spotted a few bottles in the Meijers store.  Same price.

I was able to check this out just in time for Cinco De Mayo!! For those who are obedient about reducing the calories in everything you consume you may want to check out this drink. Here’s the stats: 37.5 calories per serving, one serving is 1.5 ounces. Consider the size of a regular Margarita glass. The average person would probably drink 3-4 ounces in that size glass.  So that would be approximately 75-100 calories for 1 Margarita in a regular size glass.

So here’s the run down. The alcohol is already in it. Just chill and serve. I served it with a lime slice in a salt edged glass so that if felt more like a traditional Margarita and not like drink mix in a glass.  Second round, I added some crushed ice to the mix.

Now on to flavor….well, it’s okay. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not gross or anything, but it’s defiantly not the traditional margarita on the rocks. Not by a long shot. Its palatable but not entirely satisfying. After I had 2 drinks, I only had a minuscule flutter of a buzz. If you’re a social drinker (like myself), you’d probably have to down ½ the bottle before you even feel the effects of drinking it. Sadly, the taste isn’t good enough to be drinking it just for the flavor. Personally for me, a traditional well made top shelf Margarita has me nicely buzzed with only one drink and it taste great. BUT if you’re a light weight drinker, this may be perfectly mild for you.  Or if Margaritas aren't your "go to" drink (I'm a Cosmo girl), you probably won't notice what's lacking if you only drink it once in a blue moon.

Verdict: Will I buy this again? Unlikely. Don’t get me wrong, I did finish off the $13 bottle Skinny Girl Margarita on Cinco De Mayo.  But in the future I’ll just go back to mixing my top shelf liquors w/ fresh lime juice.  I'd rather sparingly drink the traditional top shelf Margarita which taste delicious. I have no problem consuming a few more calories for an above par cocktail once in a while


  1. Tamara,

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  2. Champane's Wine Cellars has the Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo in stock.


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