Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes

I went here on this past Sunday. This place is very unique. Located in the cultural center of downtown Detroit, around the corner from the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts). You stand in line and order your food, pay and find a seat. Someone from the staff will bring your order to you. It’s very small with limited seating. Also, since they only have 2 crepe grills, and it can be pretty crowded it may take a bit to get your food, so don’t go here if you’re in a rush to grab a quick meal.

They are known for authentic French crepes. This I must say is true. When I saw how they made the crepes it did remind me of Paris. The flavor of it was very good too. My friend and I each ordered a crepe and we split them so we could get a taste of both sweet and savory. I ordered the Black Kristy, with chocolate and strawberries. Served with a side of fresh whipped cream in a espresso cup. VERY good. I did manage to grab a quick picture before digging in. My friend on the other had tore into hers before I could get a picture. She ordered the Jeanette, consisting of prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil and Herb de Provence. Another delicious pick.

The Caramel Mocha Latte I ordered was a letdown. Not to be a coffee snob or anything, but it definitely could have been better, but the presentation was lovely.

Unfortunately, I was a little let down with the overall experience.  It was good food, but the experience wasn't memorable enough for me to drive 45 minutes from the suburbs to downtown just to get crepes. But if I were already in the area, I would absolutely stop in again and try another crepe.