Egg in Avocado, Round 1...Epic Fail!

The title says it all. Epic fail. I didn’t even take a photo of the finished dish because it looked so bad.  I found this on Apron Strings blog and it looked great, but trust me, mines did not.  The consistency was scary so I only took a few bites.  I have several corrections for myself for next time. As you can see, my eggs were too large, or my holes were too small. Whichever, you can see in the photo how the egg whites went over the outside of the avocado.. Due to this, it was hard to tell if the eggs where done.  I’ll have to adjust the size of the hole for the extra large eggs.  Also, they really suck to the nonstick pan.  I’ll have to use Pam or butter next time, because it was horrible trying to get them out of the pan.  I’ll update when I get around to trying it again.

Source: Apron Strings
Rating: 1 fork