Southern Smothered Pork Chops

I was craving something a bit decadent and old school, and I figured Sunday dinner would be the best time to cook it. I chose smothered pork chops, mashed potatoes and collard greens. It was great!! I found five recipes online, watched a few YouTube videos and decided on a recipe that seemed closest to what method I wanted to use and had flavors I thought I'd like.

I liked the detailed photos on this website also. I did make a lot changes based on what I knew I liked. Without these changes, this recipe wouldn't have even reached 3 forks....with my changes, a solid 4!

~ I seasoned my meat way more than this recipe says. The recipe says to only seasoned the flour, but I seasoned both the meat and the flour. I'm glad I did, my thick chops would have been bland otherwise.
~ I added 2 pieces of uncooked chopped bacon to the onions and cooked them together.
~ Once the onions and bacon were cooked down and stirred in the the flour, I deglazed the pan with  Pinot Grigio before I added the stock. I'm not sure how much wine I used, I eyeballed it, maybe a half of cup.
~ I used chicken stock instead of beef. Something seemed wrong about beef broth and pork.
~ I tasted the gravy then added more seasonings in the gravy before I put the meat back in. I added garlic powder, a good amount of salt and pepper. I'm glad I added more at this point too, because the gravy needed a little "umph".

I made my standard collard greens (LOVE THEM) and some basic mashed potatoes using russet potatoes.  This meal was totally Sunday Dinner worthy! 

Rating: 4 forks