Vodka Slush

I am two weeks late posting this! For the 4th my husband and I had my family over for a BBQ.  I made a Vodka Slush for us all to enjoy and it was wonderful! I got a slush recipe from a friend and it worked out nicely. I did make several changes to suit my taste.  I also found several recipes online as well which I pulled from for inspiration when making my changes.  Next time I may leave out the tea altogether and see how that taste. There are so many things you can do to alter this recipe, that's what I love about it most!

My changes:
  • Instead of rum, I used vodka. I also increased the amount. (I used the entire 750 ml bottle).
  • Instead of regular tea bags, I used an Orange Pekoe tea.
  • Instead of frozen Lemonade and Limeade, I used Lemonade and pulp free Orange Juice.
  • Instead of using Coke, I used Diet Sprite (for me) and regular Sprite for guests.
  • I also cut the amount of sugar in half.
  • I garnished with Orange and Lime slices.
I didn't want to post my friend's family recipe, so I found a very close one from the Internet.  Remember you can totally tweak this to your individual tastes.

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