TFAH Returns | Experience Passion for Food!

True Foodie At Heart returns! After a little over two years away from this blog, I've decided to bring TFAH back to life, but in a new and exciting way. While I was posting some foodie related things on A Lavish Life, it never really settled in there. I feel that food lovers reside in their own space. Much like book lovers do. While A Lavish Life is what I consider my "catch all" blog, where I combined all of my favorite things into one space... posting foodie things on that blog never really rung true for me. 

Most of my post will now be in the form of micro blogging. More about the amazing food photos, less about the words.  I used to post my recipes and such, but I've decided to focus more on my foodie adventures instead of cooking. Don't get me wrong, I may review a few recipes or meal programs like Blue Apron or Home chef once in a while, but you'll mostly find restaurant reviews along with glorious food shots.

Whether it's discovering a new local restaurant in the Metro Detroit area or during my travels around the world, get ready to experience passion for food!