Sunday, February 26, 2017

Foodie Tips | Save Money with Groupon Coupons!

FTC Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Groupon Coupons saves me and my husband lots of money when it comes to our food and wine expeditions! Not only do I save tons of money on foodie items, I love checking out other things like electronics, spa appointments and more! I adore groupon and both my husband and I use the site on a regular basis. I hope that I'm able to show you ways that you can use Groupon that makes sense for you!

The thing that I love the most about Groupon Coupons is that it's completely free. No fees or membership dues to partake in the savings. That’s right – it’s FREE!

Here are some of the places you can find great foodie deals on with Groupon Coupons:

  • Blue Apron
  • Starbucks
  • NJoy
  • Harry & David

Looking for foodie finds in your own back yard? Sear for coupons based on where you live, as well as the stores and restaurants that you're already familiar with. There are even coupons that are exclusive to Groupon Coupons.

Want to take your foodie tour on the road? Take a trip to Napa Valley, CA and taste some amazing wine? I went there last summer an it was an amazing experience! How about Traverse City, MI? I'll be going here for the second time this spring. Lots of wine, lots of quaint shops, and lots of wineries to visit. 

Vacation at any wine town in the US and abroad, check out these great places to get awesome deals on hotel, rental cars, and flights!
What are your favorite coupons from Groupon Coupons?

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Book Club Dinner at Parker's Hilltop Brewery and Spirits in Village in Clarkson, MI

This was my first time visiting the brewery and I left feeling utterly impressed.  My book club went to review our latest read over dinner. This was all of our first time visiting Parker's Hilltop Brewery and we'll be going back as a group again.

We went on a Sunday evening at 6pm and it was busy, but not busy enough that required a wait. The hostess sat us quickly and our waiter was very attentive. They had no issues with separate bills, which is always a win.  With a group of 4-10 during any given meeting, having to manually split bills can be a chore. I appreciated the fact that they were able to accommodate us.

The menu was plentiful with lots of unique options. From Hilltop loaded tater tots to several flavor combinations of pan seared Polish perogies.  I'm not a perogie expert, but these were fun, flavorful, and delicious.

I tried the cheeseburger and the pork belly. The cheeseburger perogie seriously tasted like a Big Mac, but better, which was both familiar and yummy. The pork belly was very cool because it included kimchi that was pretty good!

Everyone in the group loved their food.  I even got a quick take out order for my husband as we were finishing up dinner.  He ordered a cheeseburger with egg, and he said it was awesome. Their fries are shaped almost like a corkscrew which made them very crispy. They were also well seasoned. I do love a good fry!

The acoustics weren't fabulous, but on a Sunday evening a good size group would have no issues hearing each other. I would recommend Parker's for book clubs and other small groups that meet for dinner.

While I'm not a beer drinker, I did enjoy a Grey Goose Vodka Tonic that was well made. They had lots of beer options here, so if you're into micro breweries and love beer, this could be a nice spot. Perfect for those in Northern Oakland County.

I rate Parker's Hilltop Brewery and Spirits 4 forks! I'll be back to this restaurant again with my husband very soon!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Foodie Tips | Wine and Dine with Groupon Goods

I've used Groupon Goods for many years and I wanted to share with you a few of the ways that I use Groupon Goods from a Foodie perspective. Hop over to Groupon and find out what Foodie saving you can find.

Search and find restaurants in your area!
Here on True Foodie At Heart, you know we love dining out. I love finding a new restaurant to dine at whether it's locally here in Metro Detroit or while traveling.  One of the great things about Groupon is not only do they sell products, but they sell services, classes, events and coupons for dining out.The site is so smart that it can even sort the restaurants based on your location while searching.  The Groupon search tool uses your browser location to find the deals closest to even knew that I was in LasVegas recently and those search results still appeared several days after I returned home.

Beyond dining out, if you enjoy cooking at home, which I enjoy doing several nights a week, you can search for things like "kitchen knives", "cooking classes", and more. All things that are perfect for any Foodie.  You can even find wine deals! You know I was so impressed once I found out I could get inexpensive and yummy wine. Go out on a fun date night and experience some wine tastings or try a new spot or paint and drink! There are so many option available Foodie related.

These types of items make great Hostess gifts for the upcoming holiday season or they could help you fill out your personal wine collection.

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FTC Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Brunch at Cafe Muse in Royal Oak, MI

I love this place. I've been here several times, but have yet to write a review. Today's the day. This past weekend I went for brunch and the food was great per usual. It's a small, cute place right in downtown Royal Oak. Parking can be a bit of a task, so I recommend using a parking structure and walk over.

There was a bit of a wait, but I expected no less. They are always busy as they are a pretty popular spot in the area. We were party of 2 at 1pm and there was a wait of about half hour. Not a big deal, but if you are worried about time, make a reservation. They close at 3pm on Sundays, it seemed like the crowd was winding down around 2pm or so.

Promptly after taking seat we ordered drinks and I tried the pumpkin spice latte. Very good. All I've got to say is watch out Starbucks. These small places know how to make a latte!

They have a small but substantial menu from savory to sweet options. I decided to go with the savory route and have steak and eggs. I must admit I was surprised my the small amount of thinly cut beef tips, but it was more than enough. The eggs were plentiful, I couldn't even finish them.  I was satisfied.  I paired it with the ever popular seafood cheese grits. Now those were just amazing. I would get those every time I go to brunch at Cafe Muse.

Last summer I went to a wine and dinner pairing at Cafe Muse and that was just awesome.  If you're in the area, this is a place you need to take time to visit. Both dinner and brunch are great options.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Take out at Nippon Sushi in Bloomfield Township, MI.

Take out at Nippon Sushi in Bloomfield Township, MI.
I love sushi. Not just any sushi, but unique and fresh sushi. This past Tuesday night I decided to take a impromptu stop at Nippon Sushi on my way home.
Eating here is always a good experience. Factor in the contemporary decor, the friendly staff, and the talented sushi chefs, make this place a gem of a local find.
While the per roll price is on the expensive side, it’s worth every penny. They sushi was fresh and delicious. They have lots of unique roll options which means there is something for sushi preference.
I enjoy dining in at the restaurant and I’m equally happy to indulge in fresh sushi at home on any busy night. Quick tip, be sure to order ahead. If you don’t, you’ll be waiting a while.
Bon appetit!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A delicious meal at LaMarsa in Waterford Township, Michigan. I...

A delicious meal at LaMarsa in Waterford Township, Michigan.
I dined here for a book club meeting with 10 ladies. The staff was amazing with the group and we all has a blast. They didn’t rush us and we spent a lovely two hours socializing.
I enjoyed marinated lamb over hummus, with rice and tabouli. Along with a fresh squeezed frozen lemonade. No alcohol here, but you won’t miss it with all the awesome food. Seriously amazing. Everyone enjoyed their meals and we all left happy and full.
If you’re ever in the northern Oakland County area, be sure to drop in and visit LaMarsa!

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TFAH Returns | Experience Passion for Food!

True Foodie At Heart returns! After a little over two years away from this blog, I've decided to bring TFAH back to life, but in a new and exciting way. While I was posting some foodie related things on A Lavish Life, it never really settled in there. I feel that food lovers reside in their own space. Much like book lovers do. While A Lavish Life is what I consider my "catch all" blog, where I combined all of my favorite things into one space... posting foodie things on that blog never really rung true for me. 

Most of my post will now be in the form of micro blogging. More about the amazing food photos, less about the words.  I used to post my recipes and such, but I've decided to focus more on my foodie adventures instead of cooking. Don't get me wrong, I may review a few recipes or meal programs like Blue Apron or Home chef once in a while, but you'll mostly find restaurant reviews along with glorious food shots.

Whether it's discovering a new local restaurant in the Metro Detroit area or during my travels around the world, get ready to experience passion for food!