Meaty Egg Cups: Bacon vs Ham!

Thanks Pinterest! You have me making all type of low carb goodies! Earlier this week I saw some bacon and egg cups aka muffins. They looked really good, but they only tasted okay.  I added fresh spinach chiffonade to half of the cups.  

Not so pretty...right?
My husband and I both like our bacon with crisp to it, and this bacon was totally soft. So that along wasn't that appetizing to us.  Also, they didn't have that eye appeal that I like when I make food. Mines definitely did not turn out looking like the ones in the original recipe! Instead I got little egg balls! LOL, I contribute that mostly to using to much egg in each cup.  I also didn't even taste the shredded cheese. If I make these again, I'd have to play around with how to get the bacon crispier, change the cheese, add more seasonings to the eggs and I would reduce the amount of eggs used.  In my personal opinion, this recipe needs some serious tweaking.

Source: Bacon Egg Cups 
Rating: 3 forks

Prep time!
So I returned to the scene of the crime (Pinterest) and saw a picture of some ham cups.  After what I consider the bacon and egg cups to be a mild fail, I thought this would be a good option to test out next.  So a few nights ago I decided to make ham egg muffins and they are AMAZING! It reminds me of a  western omelette. So because I felt I couldn't detect the shredded cheese in the bacon ones, instead this I used Sargento Double Cheddar slices and cut them into four smaller squares. I briefly cooked fresh bell pepper and onion in a tablespoon of butter!  I also added various seasonings including a dash of salt and pepper in the egg mixture.

Step by step layering ingredients!

They totally top the bacon ones not only are they delicious they are beautiful to look at also! The only thing I would change is I purchased thin cut ham, so I used two slices of ham for each cup, next time I will get a regular cut ham and use one slice per cup. I'll be making these again, for sure!

Source: Ham Egg Cups 
Rating - 5 forks

Ham Cups are the clear winner! Delish!
Both of these recipes are highly customize-able  so you should throw in what ever you like. Change it up and add cooked sausage or mushroom or even some fresh tomatoes or spinach!  

Have you made any egg cups? How do you like them?