Dijon Chicken, Asparagus Pasta & Pineapple Cake?

Don't let the title fool you. I did not eat all three of these things together! I have been so bad about blogging lately. I can't believe its been more than a month since I last posted. Terrible, I know. I've still been cooking, but no time to update the blog. My friend Denise gave me motivation to get back into it by calling me out on my slacking.

Anyhow, there are a three things that I've cooked in the last few weeks that really stood out and were yummy enough to post about, so I'm going to do a quick summary with links.

Dijon Baked Chicken Thighs – Very good flavor and easy to make. This used boneless, skinless chicken thighs.  I could easily see us eating this once a month I made this with some brown rice and baby broccoli.
     Source: Dijon Baked Chicken Thighs
     Rating: 4 forks

Roasted Asparagus Pasta Salad –  Courtesy of The Neely's on the Food Network. I never had a pasta salad with asparagus. Really good. I don't care for goat cheese, so I swapped it with feta.  Next time I would make more of the dressing to mix in, it was a tad dry for all the pasta they wanted you to use.  I served this with some quick seafood scampi that I threw together. Very good!
     Source: Asparagus Pasta Salad
     Rating: 4 forks

Pineapple Dream Cake -  I have to say, it was pretty good. The recipe was so simple, but had a few ingredients I never used in a cake before. Like sour cream and instant vanilla pudding. Trust and believe, it’s really good! This has made the cut to be made for one of my desserts for our housewarming party next weekend.
     Source: Pineapple Dream Cake
     Rating: 4 forks