Breadless Mozzarella Sticks

Ready to eat!
I've been seriously back on low carb for a few weeks now and I'd been seriously craving some cheese sticks! So I started Googling and found this awesome recipe.  It  was great inspiration and easily modifiable.  I quartered this recipe quantities so that I could try it out.  I used 1 egg and changed up the dry ingredients. I added dried parsley, used garlic powder instead of salt and added a dash of Kosher salt.  I also used Jalapeno Mozzarella sticks! It really added some extra flavor. It didn't even need a marinara sauce to dip them in.

The original recipe didn't really give me timing so I was nervous about burning it. Basically from start to finish this took like a minute and a half.  With the heat on medium high, 45 about seconds on each side. You could go a bit longer if you want it darker, but you will notice the longer it's in the grease the cheese will start to seep out and lose it's stick form. So DON'T walk away from this. Stand there until it's done. :-)

Rating: 4 forks