Product Review | Living Lettuce Experience

Apparently I love chicken lettuce wraps, so much that we're having it again! I'm now thinking about taco lettuce wraps, sloppy joe lettuce wraps, salmon lettuce wraps, etc.  My new love for lettuce wraps will be address in another post, back to the subject at hand! I may be slow on this discovery, but I was in the grocery store a few nights ago looking for butter lettuce, aka Boston Bibb, aka Butterhead for our Chicken Lettuce Wraps.  I couldn't find that, but instead I found living lettuce! I thought, "Hmm, it looks similar to butter lettuce." I picked it up. I figured, why not try it.
I Googled living lettuce and found out that it supposed to last for 10 days, which is super long for lettuce! That's a good thing.  

It taste pretty good. It's a very mild flavored lettuce.  It's easy to peal off the leaves with minimal breakage.

But, it should be noted that this lettuce doesn't work well for lettuce wraps unless you double up the leaves. The meat mixture makes the leaves soggy super fast. I didn't like the texture of the leaves for my purpose. It was VERY soft almost velvety to the touch. It may be good for a salad, but not for wraps.

Have you tried living lettuce? Tell me what you thought of it. What types of dishes do you use it for?